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I'm a software consultant living in Amsterdam. I enjoy working with Git, Scala, and all things immutable and functional. In my free time I delve in all things sci-fi, play boardgames and learn about coffee.

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You don’t get enough emails? Do you want to be notified of all the commits to your favourite vim plugins? If your answer to both questions is yes, follow this guide.

If you don’t manage your vim plugins with the amazing vim-plug you need to change the grep statement accordingly.

First, create a new Personal Access Token with “Access notifications” permissions.

Then exercise some command line voodoo:

cd $HOME
grep "Plug" .vimrc | grep -o "'.*'" | cut -d"'" -f2 | xargs -I '{}' curl -X PUT -d '{"subscribed":true}' -u <your-username>:<your-token> https://api.github.com/repos/'{}'/subscription

Replace <your-username> with your Github account name and <your-token> with the personal token you just created.

To delete all the subscriptions, just send a DELETE request:

grep "Plug" .vimrc | grep -o "'.*'" | cut -d"'" -f2 | xargs -I '{}' curl -X DELETE -u <your-username>:<your-token> https://api.github.com/repos/'{}'/subscription

Have fun!